Will Insurance Pay for an Eating Disorder Rehab in Florida?

New mental health parity rules related to the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act of 2008 and the Affordable Care Act are requiring insurers to offer more comprehensive coverage of mental and behavioral disorders. That’s good news if you’re looking for an eating disorder rehab in Florida. This is because there’s a much better chance that your insurance provider will cover some or all of the treatment.

Why Wouldn’t Insurance Pay for an Eating Disorder Rehab in Florida?

In the past, the problem with getting an insurance provider to pay for eating disorder rehab, in Florida or elsewhere, has been with the perceived lack of evidence that eating disorder rehab works to treat eating disorders. Though eating disorders are the deadliest of mental illnesses because of their physical side effects, insurance providers have long insisted that there isn’t sufficient evidence that eating disorder rehabs are effective, and that more research is needed to identify effective eating disorder treatments.

Fighting to get Insurance Coverage for Eating Disorder Rehab

Do you need insurance to cover the cost of eating disorder rehab for yourself or someone you love? If so, start by getting a copy of your insurance policy. It should tell you what sorts of treatments are covered. Then, call your insurance provider and get the name and contact info of your case manager. If your insurance provider won’t put you in touch with this person, call your insurance agent or human resources manager.

Record the date and time you called, the name of the person you spoke with, and all relevant details. You will need detailed records of your dealings with your insurance company if you are denied benefits and need to pursue legal action. In this conversation, learn as much as you can about your benefits regarding eating disorder rehab in Florida.

If your insurance provider won’t cover eating disorder rehab in Florida, ask for a single case agreement. This is a one-time deal in which the provider agrees to offer coverage for eating disorder rehab in Florida just for you.

If the provider still won’t offer coverage, appeal. As a last resort, get them to put in writing that they are disagreeing with accepted medical practice. And that they accept responsibility for your loved one’s health. You will need this to pursue legal action. However, you must also obtain treatment and pay for it out of your pocket in order to sue for reimbursement.

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