A treatment plan for a diagnosis of depression should be designed to help a person manage and reduce their symptoms, and putting them on the path to recovery.

The Delray Center for Healing is committed to using an advanced combination of therapy and medications, tailored to each individuals specific needs, to help treat those suffering with an Anxiety or Stress Disorder.

Our Depression Treatment May Include:

Depression Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP):

The Delray Center For Healing offers the Major Depression Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) as one of the most comprehensive outpatient depression treatment programs in the country. In direct contrast to crisis management focused hospital based programs, the Delray Center Major Depression PHP is a true therapeutic program that focuses on identifying and directly treating the underlying causes of an individual’s depression.

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Depression Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP):

The Major Depression Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) at the Delray Center is the next progression of depression treatment that can follow either inpatient care or PHP. The IOP level of care is the essential transition between the more intensive care levels and regular outpatient treatment.

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Depression Dual Diagnosis Treatment:

At the Delray Center for Healing, we recognize the complexities of identifying and treating clients with multiple conditions and disorders. We offer a specialized and comprehensive approach to treatment incorporating input from our multi-disciplined team of Doctors and Therapists and the very latest in medical science.

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Depression Outpatient Treatment:

Major Depression is a very common condition and many do not realize how disabling it can be. Many of the long-term problems with Major Depression have to due with incomplete treatment responses as well as depressive relapses. Incomplete treatment refers to when an individual gets partially better, but not fully better.

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