Why Delray Center is a Leader of Mental Health Care in South Florida

Delray Center for Healing is one of the mental health care leaders in South Florida. We provide assistance, support, and tools for people living with a number of mental health issues and symptoms so that they can create a lifestyle that allows them to improve their mental health and overall wellbeing. But, there are some things that we do as a mental health care facility that allows us to be leaders in this industry. And, there are reasons why so many people depend on us to help them and their family members dealing with mental health issues.

Our Mental Health Team is Comprised of a Combination of Professional Specializations

Mental health care that is approached at all angles can help to provide a more comprehensive and immersive experience. There isn’t just one type of mental health care specialist. And, having access to all different types of specialists can help to provide individuals with a mental health treatment plan that includes multiple approaches and disciplines. Here at Delray Center for Healing, our team includes mental health specialists of all types; therapists, psychiatrists, physicians, addiction treatment specialists, nurses, and psychologists.

Dual Diagnosis and Simultaneous Care for Concurring Diagnoses

Dual diagnosis is the term that typically refers to the experience of substance abuse disorder and one or more mental health diagnoses. Developing mental health issues as the result of substance abuse or having a mental health disorder before addiction is a prevalent issue is rather common. But, it’s also possible for people living with other mental health issues to have concurring disorders as well. When this is the case, it’s best to utilize a treatment plan that doesn’t just address one issue at a time, but each issue as they can impact one another. And, since individuals experience the symptoms of their mental health issues together, having treatment that’s designed to help individuals learn tools and utilize therapies that can help is imperative. That’s why, here at Delray Center for Healing, we offer a dual diagnosis approach that works to treat concurring mental health issues simultaneously. This allows for individuals to utilize treatment plans that can help them address all the issues they face, rather than just one.

A Compassionate Approach to Mental Health Care

People living with mental health issues require a supportive and caring environment to get the motivation and encouragement they need to start, maintain, and nurture their mental health recovery journey. Here at Delray Center for Healing, we believe that offering compassionate care is a big part of helping individuals living with mental health issues to maintain their support and motivation for a journey of healing.

Proven and Effective Treatments

At Delray Center for Healing, we know and believe that there is no one cure-all for mental health issues. Having a multidisciplinary approach to treatment allows individuals to find which treatments and therapies best work for them, their lifestyle, and needs. That’s why we offer both supportive and evidence-based treatments at our outpatient South Florida mental health treatment facility.

Some of our evidence-based therapies include dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), individualized therapy sessions (motivational interviewing), functional family therapy, and more. Some of the supportive therapies we offer include transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), ketamine infusion therapy, IV fluid therapy, yoga and meditation (mindfulness therapies), eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EDMR), acupuncture, group therapy, and more. With a combination of supportive and evidence-based therapies, our clients can experience a wide range of options when it comes to treating their mental health symptoms. And, find out which approaches are best suited for their recovery journey goals.